About Dry Humour

Hi there!  Welcome to Dry Humour Dehydrated Goodness! 

I derive joy out of working with my hands by gardening, growing food and preserving the bounty.  I am passionate about local agriculture and nutritious food.

I create delicious, convenient, nutritious snacks out of locally sourced fruits, vegetables and herbs.  I love experimenting with new flavour combinations and dreaming up new ideas. 

With a little bit of silliness and a whole lot of fun thrown in for good measure. 

Why dehydration?

  1. Healthy snack alternative.  Dehydrated foods provide a nutritional and delicious snacking option for the health-conscious consumer.  When Dry Humour dehydrates foods, it is done at a temperature of 118 ⁰ F or below.  At these temperatures, the food retains all of the nutritional benefits of food eaten raw.  There are very few healthy snack alternatives available to consumers. 
  2. Prolonged shelf life.  The dehydration process increases the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables
  3. Children love it!  It is very challenging for busy families to provide their children with healthy snacks that their children will actually eat.  The enhanced flavours of food when it is dehydrated provide a snack that children enjoy, whilst still retaining the nutritional benefits of the products eaten raw.
  4. No additives. The effectiveness of the dehydration process in food preservation removes the need to add harmful chemical preservatives

Healthy Snacks

Food dehydration can provide healthy tasty snack alternatives. 

At low enough temperatures, food dehydration allows the food to retain most of the nutritional qualities of the food in its raw state. 

Plus it’s pretty delicious.

Fruit Chips

Chips from fruit? 
Yup, that’s right. 
Apples, pears, strawberries. 
Whatever is in season.  Slice it. Dry it. Eat it.  

Fruit Jerky

Fresh local in season fruit. 
Purée it. 
Spread it out on the dehydration sheets. 
Dry it.  Simple as that.

Kale Chips

I love going to my garden and picking fresh kale, then experimenting with new flavour combinations to add to the kale.  If it’s delicious going into the dehydrator, it’s even better once dried!  

Culinary Products

In addition to healthy snack alternative, dehydration can result in some pretty stellar culinary goodies for your pantry.  
Dehydrated cherry tomatoes?   
Herbes de Province of Nova Scotia?  
Tea blends with soothing herbs and flowers?
You betcha.


Where to Buy

Find Dry Humour at the Earltown Farmers’ Market!

Fridays from 2 – 6 PM (May to October)

5527 Highway 311
Earltown, Nova Scotia

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Dry Humour Dehydrated Goodness
Pamela Craig
902 890 0729


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